Monday, November 28, 2011

Pre-Order Jelly Lens!nice to wear,nice to see ...Grab it NOW ♥

Prepared by: Allia Yunus


Customize your cell phone or digital camera photos with a Jelly Lens! Just fit a Jelly Lens over your camera’s ordinary lens to apply unique special effects to your digital photos. There is a super-sticky but easily removable pad on the lens that makes it very easy to apply to any camera. Just stick it over your camera's lens, and take a picture as normal. Twist the plastic bevel on the Jelly Lens to get different variations. Each Jelly Lens is attached to a convenient cord and clip so you can leave it attached to your phone or digital camera for quick access to fun shots.

- Wide Angle / Fish Eye : Creates a wide angle panoramic shot or fisheye effect photo easily

- Stretch : Turn the lens to stretch your photo horizontally or vertically

- Hexa-image Mirage: Produces beautiful kaleidoscope effect with 6 duplicated images

- Tri-image Mirage: Produces beautiful kaleidoscope effect with 3 duplicated images

- Heart Frame / Blue Filter: includes 2 lens. Pink heart gives a pink hue and has a heart shape gap in the middle, Green filter makes the whole pix greenish.

- Star/ Antique Filter: includes 2 lens. Blue star gives a blue hue with a star effect on the center (like the pink heart), The orange filter give an overall orange tint (like antique pix)

- Polarized/ Vivid: Reduces light reflections and turns the sky more blue

- Macro Close Up: Enables your cameras to take close up photos and focuses on tiny details

- Soft Lens: Provides a romantic border to portraits

- Starburst: Add a psychedelic swirl to your photos. The center of your image will stay focused while the edges and blurred outward.

- Shaking Vignette: Blurs the surrounding like shaking while the middle remains clear

- Sparkle: Add twinkly stars to your photos. This lens makes lights and reflections appear as twinkly starbursts.
Pre-order: 20/11/2011 - 12/12/2011
Post out items to customers : 2/1/2012 - 6/1/2012

Price: 2 pieces (RM25) not include postage

Postage : RM6 to semenanjung [poslaju]
+ Add RM2 for postage to Sabah/Sarawak.

Pos Ekspress : RM4 but if parcel lost we will not be responsible :)


to order email or pm fb :)with your name, address, no hp and colour :)

**payment made via :COD Maybank or Maybank2u

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